Monday, March 21, 2011


To all my old friends and new who attended the launch of THE HONEYBEE MAN, a humongous THANK YOU for making the event such a great success. powerHouse Arena was sold out of books by the time I left the building. Wow!

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little about honeybees – and here I need to proffer another giant thank you to apiarist John Howe for sharing his knowledge, not to mention those excellent sparkly bee antennae. NYC Beekeeping, which John founded a decade ago, is an excellent source for learning even more about these vital, pollinating members of our community, especially if you think you might be interested in becoming an apiarist yourself.

Finally, I share here two more terrific reviews. It's such a thrill to know that the book is out there in the world, being read and appreciated.

She Is Too Fond of Books
The Record

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