Thursday, March 10, 2011


 Hungry for knits?  ASTOUNDING KNITS features Kiyoko Yoshikawa's luscious bento boxes and whole roasted fishes; and such knitted dainties as Leslie Sudock's Passover feast (excerpts pictured below). For two years, Sudock toiled at her task, stitching up not only the usual assemblage of  bitter herbs, shank bones and roasted eggs, but also items that make appearances on seder plates in some progressive homes: potatoes, beets, oranges. And an olive branch, she says, "in recognition of the shared suffering of the Palestinian people...."  Some of the strands this 50-something grandmother used to knit the meal came from a stash she started amassing in high school. What yarn junkie doesn't relate?

ASTOUNDING KNITS hits bookstores March 27, 2011. 

Leslie Sudock's seder plate...

...and gefilte fish platter.


JafaBrit's Art said...

I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of others, it's wonderful.

Lela said...

It's what makes working on a project like this such fun!

Shay Barsabe said...

I just received the book, and read it straight through!

On page 221, however, isn't the photo reversed? Or is she doing the continental method using her right hand?

Shay Barsabe said...

Hello, Lela:

Just saw your reply at

Maybe it's an old pic? She's supporting her needle, too, which I've never seen done with the contential method. Or, maybe, she didn't mean to suggest using the continental method (page 220).

(By trade, I'm an editor, so I notice these things even when I don't need to.)

Either way: still a great book--thank you for putting it together.

Lela said...

Ah, here you are - way back in March...I've emailed Miriam and hope to have an answer for you soon! My best guess would be that she is left-handed and additionally, developed some hybridized still-needle strategy for her world record attempts. Stay tuned! And I'm so pleased to know that you enjoyed the book. Thanks for reaching out.