Monday, May 21, 2012

Spiff-ify - With Stickers!

Yes, you, too, can spiff up your copy of THE HONEYBEE MAN with a Cook Prize Honor sticker! I've got three left. Leave me a message on this here blog that tells me something amazing about honeybees; I'll send out a sticker to the author of each of the three best comments. Bonus points if your (or better yet, your kid's) comment is a fact I never knew before, or if it involves a personal story about bees. Bonne chance!


Toby said...

My personal story about bees is that I am not afraid of them but I got stung by one. ANd that was really annoying. So, I can see why some people are afraid of bees. But, I don't think its right to be afraid of bees. They sting because they are afraid.
Bees don't actually mean to get the pollen from flowers they actually want the nectar.
Toby (8)

Larkin said...

They help the earth.
Larkin (8)

Anonymous said...

honey bees use beeswax to make honeycomb
Alex, age 8

Anonymous said...

honey bees can only sting once in their lives
Ben, age 10

Anonymous said...

Did you know that If there is a shortage of food in the hive, the workers kick the drones' lazy, gigolo asses out. Honey for thought...

Kathleen McCarthy said...

Oh my goodness, how have I not seen this! OK, as an expatriate exile, I am going straight to Marks's irish schoolbooks:

The first beekeeper in Ireland was the sixth century St. Modonmoc, who brought bees to ireland from Wales.

and Mead, made of course from honey, is traditionally an important celebratory beverage, given, for example, to newly married couples.

And you thought it was all about the Guinness!

Now, I know this info is more about the honey than the bee, but still....

Send on that sticker!

x Kathleen