Friday, March 16, 2012

Knitted Bees to Cheer this Dreary Day

The knitted bees of Hannah Haworth make me smile. Maybe it's the lace wings. Maybe it's the vision of their profusion (50 in all). I imagine, if they were buzzing about Brooklyn right now, they'd be on the lookout for knitted magnolia blossoms - some real ones are just about to bloom down the block.

Photos courtesy of Hannah Haworth
Want to knit some bees of your own? Find Haworth's pattern here; and a cute bee kit from our old friend Anna Hrachovec here.

PS, answering my own question from Wednesday, hummingbirds can indeed be found (although not yet by me), in Brooklyn. The ruby throated hummingbird is apparently a frequent visitor to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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