Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

"Do you knit?" I get this question a lot. Halloween offers the perfect opportunity for me to answer. Because yes, I do knit. Mostly, I knit for my daughter, Ada. And every Halloween, I knit at least some of her Halloween costume.

This year, obsessed with knights and horses and all things sharp and dangerous, Ada's chosen to be Joan of Arc. Naturally, I knit her some chain mail - stay tuned for a photo of the full-on costume, which she could not be induced to model for me yesterday.

In previous years, Ada's been a Kitty Cat Vampire Outlaw (with knit ear-balaclava and tail):

A mermaid (the coral necklace was crocheted; I actually delved into the dreaded sewing for this one):

A bouquet of flowers:

The Strawberry Flower Fairy:

And a beetle (more sewing, but also some knitted extra beetle legs):

Great art it ain't, but it's been a lot fun to create something new and (hopefully) just-right for Ada's costume every year. I dread the day when she no longer wants my help or my input!


Amy Holman said...

The Joan of Arc chain mail is so adorably strong. I would love to see that picture.

teabird said...

The costumes are adorable!

Lela said...

Thanks, you two. Amy! Long time no see. Will post photo of the completed costume later today.

Anonymous said...

I found your photo on Google Pictures.
The knitting chainmail is very impressive.
Are you ready to make a costume (pants + vest), because I'm looking for this kind of knitting since a long time.
My mail address is
Good continutation!