Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Read For Yourself What Real Live NYers Have to Say About Honeybees

In preparation for a school visit that I'll be making in Westchester later this month, I went online today to see if I could find any compelling facts about suburban bees and beekeeping. I stumbled upon something else entirely: the public record of letters from ordinary citizens, sent to the NYC Department of Health to urge the overturning of the law that banned beekeeping in our fair city until last spring. It's pretty riveting reading; have a look for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Serendipity. I found a link to one of your knitting books on another blog and it's led me here. Your blog is lovely and fun. The link included a photo of a knitted bus.

I just saw "Queen of the Sun" the other day. Have you seen it yet? Here's my little post about it, too. http://twinklysparkles.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/thankful-thursday-queen-of-the-sun/

Thanks for your blog. I would like to check in periodically. I don't keep bees (but hope to in the next couple of years) and I hate knitting (but my kids like it)!


Lela said...

Hi Twinkly - I haven't seen the movie yet but can't wait. If you decide to keep bees, be sure to let me know! Would love to hear about the experience from a first-timer's experience.