Monday, December 1, 2008

As the holiday season begins to descend in earnest, some of us (namely, me) prefer to think back to the dulcet days of Halloween than ahead to the lurking chaos of yule. Also, I'll be honest, I was just plain too lazy to get around to posting about this year's costume. Well, finally, here it is: Ada in her Bouquet of Flowers ensemble, the usual hodgepodge of knitting improv and the splicing together of other knitters' terrific ideas. References include Jan Messent's Knitted Gardens and Hannelore Wernhard's The Knitted Farmyard, and for the third year running, I-cord was the workhorse of the whole operation.   Anyone else out there knit a Halloween costume this year? Please give me a holler (and send photos) and I'll post here. 

In other news, I've finished editing three new Farmer's Wife cookbooks for Voyageur Press, on Slow Cooking, Cookies, and Canning & Preserving. They're coming out soon, so stay tuned for updates!

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