Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello, and Please Stand By!

A muggy July 4th in Brooklyn, NY but six time zones east of here, in the grand duchy of Luxembourg, designer Hélène Magnússon is already dreaming of winter. In a few weeks her pattern for this festive rose-pattern scarf will be offered exclusively here for sale. So you'll have plenty of time to stitch up a few for your most-beloveds before the holiday season comes crashing down around us. Concurrently, my article on Hélène's latest book, Icelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns (Search Press, February 2009) – a slightly dry title that belies the bright, happy and often elegant designs between the covers  – will run on You can pre-order the book from Hélène's blog; or contact Hélène through her website to be the first knitter on your block to own the original Icelandic-language version (sure to become a collector's item). 

It's going to be a wooly summer, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, my website is undergoing an extensive redesign. I'll have an update on its estimated arrival in a week or two. 

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