Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whole Lotta News

For starters, my new website is up and running! Please visit for a look at designer Kathleen Kearns' fabulous work on my behalf, and learn all about, well, me. In answer to the question many of you have already asked – yes, those are my daughter, Ada's, drawings of birds, butterflies and bees gracing the pages. 

Secondly, the audio version of the first knitting book I ever wrote, Knitting Lessons, is now available from Knitting Out Loud. A little-known fact: the first 20 people to purchase it from the KOL site will be entered in a drawing to win a signed first edition of the print book. Signed by me, that is. So don't delay! 

Finally, for those of you who have been inquiring after John Howe, the Brooklyn Bee Man who was the inspiration for my first children's book (to be published by Schwartz & Wade), here's an update: John and his two colonies of bees have been very busy indeed this summer on their Fort Greene rooftop. Thanks to a relatively mild winter, John had an early, abundant harvest of honey at the beginning of July and has been selling jars of it at Provisions in Fort Greene, and Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg. Supplies, as always, are extremely limited so hie on over to either location to stock up. John reports that the honey from one colony tastes strongly like mint, while the second colony produced a honey that is floral and fairly light. If all goes well, he hopes to make a second harvest closer to Autumn. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more honey updates, for info on John's wildflower seed giveaway (coming up  in late September) and of course, news about the book.